About us

Rail Support, s.r.o.

About us

The company Rail Support, s.r.o. (the “RALSP”) was established to provide comprehensive technological and legislative support to railway undertakings and railway service users. RALSP is engaged in consultancy regarding the operation of railway vehicles, arranging maintenance activities for railway vehicles, including complete care for their life cycle, trading in spare parts for railway vehicles and the search for logistics solutions for the transport of goods by rail.

RALSP has also been a domestic rail freight carrier since 10/2020, including the carriage of dangerous goods RID, and is a member of the AVV association. Another activity of RALSP is the provision of siding services, is operation of siding rail transport and operation of railway infrastructure. Providing technological and commercial support for departing or terminating siding trains and handling wagon consignments in sidings.

In the market for railway operations and logistics, RALSP provides synergistic combinations of activities in order to achieve specific key products while meeting the set criteria.


„Please enter a problem you are unable to solve or outline the target product; we will define the interface and process, ensure progress in the solution and deliver the product or service in the final version“